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Principles of dealing with information sources
/Research papers

The researcher imagines that the process of collecting data begins with preparing measurement tools, tests, or programs that will be applied, but on the contrary, this process begins from the moment he thinks about conducting a research. When the researcher thinks about choosing a specific problem or issue for research or study, he wonders: What is the issue or problem? He does not suffice with resorting to the field reality in order to identify the problem from it, but rather he turns to the literature from previous writings and studies to identify the most urgent and important issues and problems. Here the researcher deals with sources of information, as there are many of them and their multiple levels and varying quality these days. Then the researcher should have the abilities and skills that enable him to sort and classify such sources into reliable and reliable sources and others that should be cast aside due to their weak credibility.

There are many researchers who quote whatever information they can find related to the topic or research problem. The result is weak research with a lot of plagiarism, and interpretations of the results are simple. Most researchers do not give enough attention to the sources of information they use in their research, so they quote from any source they can find.

Hence, the importance of information sources appears throughout the stages of research, from the moment the researcher thinks about choosing his research problem to choosing the problem, through preparing the research plan and linking his research problem to the literature to which it is related, then preparing and developing research tools, applying them, and dealing with the data he obtained statistically, all the way to the stage of Interpreting the results, discussing them, and presenting proposals and recommendations. In all of these stages, the researcher deals with many information sources, quotes from them, interacts with their contents, adopts certain points of view and rejects others. All of this requires the researcher to be attentive and critical and have the knowledge and skill background that enables him to achieve the maximum possible benefit from it. Sources of research information that he resorts to, and we will provide a simplified presentation of the requirements for the process of evaluating information sources. Follow us.


أكاديـمـيـا جلـــــوب

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