Academic Translation :

Academia Globe (AG) is a leading company that provides professional translation services and linguistics consultancies to enterprises, multinational corporations, museums, law firms, hospitals, NGOs, advertising firms, educational institutions, schools, institutes, universities, and individuals.

    • Professional translation in various academic disciplines from and into Arabic, English, French, and German, in addition to proofreading and editing services. Experts of academic translation and editing of scientific research for meeting the requirements of international publishing.
    • Web localization.
    • Professional translation of the documents of program and institutional academic accreditation requirements by NCAAA and COE.

Our highly qualified translators are specialized in translating the following:

  1. Humanities and scientific research papers.
  2. Development and quality Documents and Self-Study Report for higher education institutions.
  3. Publications, brochures, fliers and handbooks for academic institutions and public and private companies.
  4. Certificates, credentials and business contracts and agreements signed between international corporations.
  5. Documents required for immigration and travel documents for study abroad.
  6. Transcription for audio files and video subtitling services.
  7. Banner ads and noticeboards.
  8. Textbooks and reference books.
  9. Medical reports.
  10. Website localization and translation.
  11. Technical reports for telecom engineering, wireless networks and satellites.
  12. Editing & proofreading services.