International Publishing Procedures:
Step 1 :

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Step 2 :

1 – Checking the research by a team of linguistics and educational professionals (this step can be skipped according to the research author’s opinion).
2 – Providing an academic translation of the research according to international publication requirements.
3- Proofreading the translated research.
4 – QA to ensure the quality of the final version of the research.
5- Submitting the research for publishing in the relevant journal.
6- Formatting the research paper according to the concerned journal template.
7- Following up the research review stages and notifying the author of its progress.
8- After receiving the review report, Academia Globe modifies the research according to the reviewers’ comments and the author’s opinion.
9- Obtaining the acceptance letter.
10- Submitting the final version of the research and sending due payment to the journal.
11- Finally, the research is published in the assigned volume.
12- Getting the publication certificate in the name of the author, the title of his/ her research, the journal volume, and the date of issue.

Step 3 :

The author has two options:
A) The author is free to follow up the publishing process with the concerned journal; or
B) Academia Globe takes responsibility of journal correspondence until the final publishing of the research.